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I have been following this one for w while. I did not realize nobody had posted it here in the forum.


They have funding but its a chance to get a 6 x 4 gaming board for a reasonable price.

The New Games and Gears Battle Boards Kickstarter Games & Gears has been working hard for the last year to put together a new battle boards project. We have worked closely with Cipher Studios, Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division, and Hawk Wargames to create 5 bespoke high quality battle boards that we hope you will be able to game on very soon!
Each of the 5 themed boards is a 6' x 4' (approx 180cm x 120cm) gaming surface and are highly detailed and textured.
Each battle board comes in 2 foot square pieces and can be easily combined to create a diverse range of layouts, along with being easy to pack away and transport.
Games & Gears has also created a unique clipping system which will enable the battle boards to hold together firmly and securely. These clips are durable, tough and simple to use, allowing for easy mobility and ensuring the whole gaming surface is long lasting and hard wearing.
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