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Brass Scorpian @ BoLS Lounge said:
Games Day list of activities now showing at this link. I already have my tickets and I'm planning to assist painting some of the models to be used there this year for one of the nicest, most talented creative staff members in the US. From speaking with employees at the HQ, the one about to move, they know last year's show was a downer and I've been reassured this year's show will be more like better past shows with a better budget and better atmosphere. Either way, vehicle conversion contest and Armies On Parade, here I come.

A list of the Games Day activities are listed below. Details of each one will be added to the site in the coming months.

- Elaborate Display Boards
- Figure Paint and Take
- Scenery Build and Take
- Challenge Tables - Bring your army/models (details coming soon)
- Club Table Zone
- Carnival of Chaos
- City Fight Table and Terrain - Group Painting Raffle
- 40K Big Game
- Warhammer Big Game
- War of the Ring Big Game
- Speed Painting
- Space Hulk Big Game
- 40K Scale Aeronautica Big Game
- Tank War Big Game
- Full Size Artillery Range

- Golden Demon Painting Competition
- Speed Demon Painting Contest - Paint a model on the day
- Art Contest - Bring art in or create something on the day
- Costume Contest
- Banner Contest - Create and bring a life-size banner
- Conversion Contest - Convert on the day
- Armies on Parade Competition - Enter your army (registration coming soon)
- Realm of Battleboard Competition - Enter one 2'x2' section of the Battleboard (registration coming soon)
- Vehicle Conversion Competition - Enter your 40K Vehicle (registration coming soon)
- Citadel Terrain Competition - Fantasy or 40K Buildings (registration coming soon)
Looks like it's going to be a good event. You should count yourself lucky if you're able to attend, as there is no Games Day here in Australia.

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Yeah, sounds fun. Too bad I live in Khanata...

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yeah, this year is the first year im either not deployed or actually able to go and they only have one in baltimore, md.

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WHY OH WHY is there not one in Australia! :ireful2:RAGE!!:ireful2: Still sounds fun for those of you who can go.
We're the same here in Mexico man...curses...

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The down side is that you have to spend the day wallowing in bad BO and social awkwardness.

Some of the activities do sound fun though.
Hahahahaha...i laugh because its true!

It sounds like last year really. I don't know whether to go, last year I just spent the whole time fighting to get to the front of queues (where they actually had one) etc and seen as I'm the most impatient person in the world it was annoying.

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I would want to attend to Games Day, but thats all like.. Hmm.. I dont know... To far away, I wont jump on a plane just to go to Games Day, even if it does sound fun :(

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Its actually not that fun. I didn't enjoy it much when I went last year in Toronto. I was there pretty much for Golden Demon and pick up some painting tips. Other than that, there wasn't much else.

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I must admit that a lot of GW's events, even last year's Games Day UK, feel a little amateurish. A lack of investment in professional event management really shows them up. Sad really, because with all that design resource they could do some really amazing things.
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