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Hail and well met friends! For an ale I will tell you the tale of the Mighty Explorer-Prince Gailim and his company of grand adventurers...*Gulp, gulp, gulp*


Today we kicked off the first of our Battle Companies campaign. The intent was to explain the history of one of my friends favorite Dwarf Captains, Gailim. We started with the updated roster of Dwarves and Goblins (Moria) for Battle Companies with a couple of small changes.

1) Dwarves started with one hero, Gailim. He was a standard Dwarf Warrior with 1 each Might, Will and Fate.

2) In place of the other minor characters, the Dwarves got two Khazad Guard.

3) Goblins started with a character, same as above and the ability to get promoted to Prowlers.

So long as my friend does not lose interest, I am intent on using Battle Companies to spice up our SBG background and provide a narative environment for Lord Gailim to grow.

He is off to a good start already having fought his way into the Goblin held caves of the Northern Misty Mountains and giving chase (over the course of 4 games) to the Goblins. A member of his Company was captured and narrowly recovered. The Khazad Guard seem to be flocking to his banner, ending the day with Gailim, a second character and no less than 4 Khazad Guard. The epic has begun.
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