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While I can appreciate the effectiveness of the more or less 360* simultaneous coverage of the heavy bolters on the Malcador, this version seems like it'd be a bit more effective overall. As battle tanks go, you want to be able to take on all comers-- it's essentially a mobile fortress, after all. Those are autocannons in the sponsons, so you've got anti-heavy infantry fire, a battle cannon (which is also anti-infantry, but in a pinch you can still shoot tanks with it...), and a lascannon on the front. And, if I remember correctly, the Malcador is a superheavy design, so all of those weapons are free to fire at the appropriate targets. The only real flaw of the design is that there's no way to directly cover the rear of the tank. Most armour has a 360* turret rotation, after all, and the battle cannon looks limited to about 180*. Not a major flaw, but one that may leave you inclined to sit near the board edge rather than advance and risk a quick unit whipping around behind to take a potshot at the rear armour without any immediate way of shooting it down without exposing a vulnerable area to the main battle line.

If nothing else, it looks more "tank-y" and less... almost orky than the standard Malcador. There's just something about the way the Malcador is configured that makes it look a little cobbled together. Maybe it's just how the heavy bolters are positioned.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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