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FW Tank Commander WIP

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Hey all

This a breif WIP for my FW tank commander which will be siting in the Chimera for one of my Command/Platoon HQ's. The model is converted ever so slightly by adding the shoulder pad which has the tartan on it.

At the moment his back is nearly done I just want fix two spots and then bring out the Woad a little more (how I don't know but hey) and the the highlighting of the black and the edges of the shoulder pads needs to be done. The I'll begin work on his front and skin. I want to make him look a bit more unkempt and well "Highlanderish" so I'll probably add a blue tattoo to his face. Or I'll try anyway. The his helmet (gods knows what illl do on that) and last his guns will be done.

The mini is Snake Strankski who, although a Cadian, I'm going to be using as one of my Dunblain Highlanders. I'll just change his name but keep the same rules etc. He's from the 5th Regiment (Erran's Hammer) which a Armoured Company and sports the Red, Tan and Blue tartan of the Regiment on his left shoulder. His right shoulder pad shows him to be a member of the Second Company's First Platoon (HQ Vechiles) and the Sword symbolises all Dunblain Regiments. The woad pattern on his back is not offical uniform.

Anyway here he is:

Hope you like it :)
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Looking good Jac. Be a nice mini when finished.
I'm digging the freehand. Looks pretty sharp.
Update. Spent some more time on him today and I'm liking the results. Worked on his front. Now all that needs to be done is sort out his guns and the fun stage of touch ups. Looking forward to it. Not. Anyway here he is:

Close up of the face tat

Close up of his eye so that you can actually see it is an eye unlike in the other photo. Tat isn't as good though.

And finally his hand tat and a close up of the tartan.

I just noticed that huge mold line. M***erf**ker!

Again hope you like. CC welcome as always.

(PS its always good when you find out how to work your photo software and that you can get crop rather than just cut. Dam you Ifranveiw!)
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looks good the mould line isn't that noticeable.
Its noticeable at all seeing as I ripped the dam thing off basically the second I noticed it in the photo.
looks sweet, especially as I am a scot living in the US. :)
Nice. I like it. Can't wait to see the finished mini.

Any thoughts on colors for the gun barrels - im well and trully stumped?
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