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Typical of life, the second I start to convert NL chainglaives, FW release them for sale. The Deredeo and breachers are also very nice.

The Deredeo pattern Dreadnought is a dedicated heavy support frame, though it shares many core components and systems with the more general assault-based Contemptor class. With its formidable carrying capacity and battlefield stability, the Deredeo was used as a test-bed for a number of advanced weapon systems. Chief amongst its anti-vehicle armaments was the Arachnus Heavy Lascannon Battery. More powerful than any pattern of Lascannon regularly fielded by the Legiones Astartes, the Arachnus could inflict more damage with each hit than standard Las-weaponry.

A weapon of terror as much as of physical damage, Nostraman Chainglaives were more powerful than the chainswords commonly wielded in the Legiones Astartes, tearing and shredding through flesh when swung into their wielders foe. Promising a painful and gruesome death to their victim, the Chainglaive was a weapon of choice among the Commanders and Sergeants of the Legion.

This set includes five Nostraman Chainglaives for Night Lords Legion Characters. There are two Chainglaives wielded in two hands and two wielded one handed for Space Marines in power armour, and single Chainglaive in a one handed grip for a Space Marine in Terminator armour. Also included are the arms needed for the two handed chainglaives, two open power armoured left hands, and one open right hand for Terminator armour.

This is a multi-part, resin upgrade set. It can be used with resin and plastic Space Marine kits.

First through the breach in assaulting enemy fortifications or boarding actions, Breacher Siege Squads are equipped with hardened armour and great ablative shields to withstand the enemy’s fiercest attacks and forge a path for the force’s main strength to follow.
Breacher Siege Squads of the Ultramarines Legion are often further equipped with power weapons, eschewing the ranged power of the bolter for lethality in close combat.

This set includes five ornate Praetorian pattern Breacher Shields, five gladius power swords, five right and five left arms to upgrade five Space Marines to be an Ultramarines Legion Breacher Siege Squad. Also included is a Legatine Axe which can be used to upgrade an Independent Character, or as an ornate power axe for the Breacher Siege Squad Sergeant.

From the great fortress of Gundabad, Bolg leads his army of Orcs and foul creatures towards the Battle of the Five Armies. Sprinting ahead of this mighty throng are the fearsome Gundabad Berserkers, creatures of heaving muscle and snarling malice with a monstrous craving for flesh. It is these hulking beasts that are first to reach Ravenhill and engage Thorin Oakenshield™, Dwalin and Bilbo Baggins™ amid the ruins. The scent of battle drives these Orcs into a frenzy, making them oblivious to all but the most fatal of blows.

Gundabad Berserkers are an excellent elite unit for an Azog’s Legion army. The combination of their high Strength value, multiple attacks and the ability to take a variety of weapons allows them to butcher their foes with sheer brutality. On top of this, the Gundabad Berserkers are bloodthirsty killers driven into madness by the spilling of blood. Blinded by the frenzy that overtakes them, they are oblivious to the pain that is inflicted by their foes, allowing them to fight on even with debilitating injuries. This kit includes three Gundabad Berserkers and a total of nine weapon options: three swords, three axes and three two-handed picks, allowing you to equip your Berserkers with whichever combination of weapons you wish.

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