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via Bolter and Chainsword’s m_r_parker:

Horus Heresy Book VI Info

From what I heard regarding Book VI:
It has been floated that the name is ‘Retaliation’, and will be a Conquest-esque tome focussed on the Shattered Legions (Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard) taking the fight back to the traitors, specifically the Iron Warriors.It won’t feature the traditional introduction of a Legion, with it’s rules / characters / units / Primarch, but will feature a mechanism for creating a Shattered Legion force for both sides of the Heresy (both loyalist and traitor).
I believe it’s also been mentioned that this book will contain the Legion rules for the Blood Angels, Dark Angels and White Scars – but will be restricted to Legion rules and Rites of War, and will not include any legion-specific units or characters (or Primarchs). This is to enable those waiting to do these Legions to start whilst they wait for their tomes to come out. This ties in with the upgrade packs coming out before the end of the year. I don’t know if this will also contain the Wolves and Thousand Sons, but I have a feeling it won’t and will be covered in the detail it requires in the Prospero book.

We may also see other elements of non-Astartes forces as well as other elements not tied to Legions – but this may not be this book, and may be covered later. At the Open Day Alan Bligh was talking about various things that he wanted to do, like dark assassins and ‘agents of the Warmaster’. Might not be for this book, but could be later.
via B&C’s Lord Thørn

For the Space Wolves, it seemed like they were starting to plan them, but really just the very beginning stages. They don’t know yet what the final Legion symbol will be, so that’s a fair example of how early on in the process they are. Mark Bedford’s examples were grey armour with black pauldrons, with the Wolf in the Stars (the Great Wolf’s) symbol from the decal sheets, but that is only to get an idea. However, they also seemed to be grizzled warriors with jump packs, so JPs might not be limited to Wolf Guard and Blood Claws ?

However, any fears about them being Wolfy McWolfy Wolves can start to be quelled. The idea really seems to be to represent the Emperor’s executioners and exterminators, as they were designed to be in the fluff, moving back to disctinctly Space Vikings vibe, rather than silly wolfiness.

The Solar Auxilia with the axes are the only new models, but they are really nice. Of course, I wouldn’t have expected much more, since it is only an open day, with bigger events coming up very soon.

…Doom of Mymeara 2nd edition should be out soonish (in the next couple of months), with an updated and expanded corsair list (new units, but no or few new models planned)

There was also quite a bit of very sweet concept art for Thousand Sons (depthcharge should be happy because tuning forks featured prominently smile.png) , some hairy heads (read possible White Scars and Space Wolves), iconography/transfers for the Legions of Istvaan III, and Invictarius Suzerain stuff. Since the Invictarius are already out and they didn’t look exactly like the ones in the sketchbooks, don’t read too much in to this. (One of the World Eaters symbols really made me go wow, a kind of a profile hound skull bighting a world, which isn’t on the transfer sheet that already exists. I think AO108 took a snapshot of it).

As already mentioned, lots of amusing and eerie concept art for Dark Mechanicum, I think we’re in for a treat with those ! Also, the sketches I saw still seemed relatively close to the loyalist counterparts, so there should hopefully be conversion opportunities.
Some talk about a possible online update of IA2, since Space Marines codex came out later

[irony]No-one new anything about any possible plastic heresy, and there is nothing to suggest that it will be out next games day…[/irony] Read that this is pretty much sure.tongue.png None of the designers seemed concerned about Games Workshop taking over, and seemed to feel that it should complement Forge World’s stuff, as a launching ground.

I may have been too direct when I asked, but they didn’t seem to be aware of any possible Chaos releases, they seemed to think it was “made up”. As I said, I may have been to direct, so don’t jump to conclusions.

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via Battle Bunnies 9-6-2015

“I believe we will see Corax on the 17th of October for sale.

The next which is either Dorn or Alpharius will be shown at a seminar on the same day. It will be done by Israel Gonzalez. As Israel sculpted both Sigismund and Dynatt (and did a fantastic job on Eidolon), these can both be seen as training pieces really. I believe he will be doing both characters at this stage, with Egan starting work on Leman Russ, Freki and Geri. We may see Alpharius or Dorn before Xmas. The other at the HH Weekender 2016 (where book 7 will be shown off) with maybe a teaser of Russ. At the moment I can not be sure who would do Magnus but I would love to see Trish set to it as I believe she is more than capable.”
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