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and Sigismund having Eternal Warrior when the likes of Abaddon, Typhon, Kharn, Erebus, etc don't.
Well, he is the baddest of them all, having owned most of the champions and first captains of the other legions. If anyone not a primarch deserves it, it's him.
Something more in the FW bulletin today. Talk of an IF command set, with this sneak peek.


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It looks like we’re not done with the VIIth Legion just yet – I caught sight of this awesome Command set a few days ago being worked on in the Forge World Studio.
This is the caption attached to the pic on the FW site, so I'm pretty sure that mini is part of the squad rather than Sigismund. We'll know soon enough. It's usually only a couple of weeks before the stuff seen in the bulletins are up on the site.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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