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With the exception of Dorn, and Sigimund (and recently revealed Pollux), IF have no new units to be revealed. Imperial Fists unique Gear are super power fists, Storm Shields and Assault Cannons, all of which are produced by GW or FW. Until we see the Fists again (Siege of Terra way, so around 2+ books and a year or more away), it's unlikely they'll get more units.

I've sent an email to the FW Team regarding many rules errors and potential balance fixtures - such as Powerscythes granting Rampage rather than Sweep Attack (in practise sweep attack rarely grants more than the 2 attacks you have anyway) - as well as those characters who are "touched by fates" to recieve Eternal Warrior for free to actually give them a reason for being taken.

I don't see why game balance etc needs to be sacrificed for some authors love of a particular tactic.

It was done ages prior to Christmas - I recieved an email back a few days ago, signed off by "Alan B" which reading between lines was that they hadn't anticipated the power creep, and were looking into reworking the rules for later books including Chaos rules for the legions.

You should see the stuff they don't bother responding to. When I was bedridden I must have sent about 3 emails a day that were rarely responded to after the first.

They should just give up and hire me as a tester/rules checker.

Hard to say. Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Raven Guard are all in the same boat with no kits produced for them (sans Shoulder pads). only IF have anything from Book III, and that's a pair of upgrade kits.

Don't really think there'd be a problem - we're expecting a more typical Imperial army in Ruinstorm (I think that's it's name?, Book V, anyway) where we get Cultists and Imperial Army. Solar Auxilia are awesome in the way that the Tercio's work. You can get up to 6 Squads loaded on Dracosans, and fill out your troops, , and then use them as an elite hard hitting infantry allied force for your standard guard, as those same 6 squads condense into 2 troops choices.

And that's quite a hefty force - 120 ish troops and 6 tanks = it's 1410 points without upgrades, and gives you 120 30" Lasguns/36" Heavy 2 Lasguns, 6 TL Lascannons. Alternatively, run them with Demo Cannons for 1600 total army, and then take 1400 of "standard guard". It's a lot more flexible I find than it initially looks.

Of course, money issues, but this is Forge World and 30K. If you're not selling major organs (I find it easier to take other peoples, you might need your own), then lets home that the FBI don't come looking for the reason behind your Wall Street dodgy dealings.

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If that's not Sigismund, I'm a Bluefooted Booby

You mean the unique armour pads, filigree, helmet, and chained weapon aren't impressive?

See, there's this wonderful thing called difference of opinion.

1 - 8 of 33 Posts
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