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Meh. I like the axes a lot, and the torsos/shoulderpads. I also really like the unhelmed screaming head. Those gargantuan shields are goofy as hell. Still looking forward to Sigismund. I don't know too much about all the Heresy-era fluff but he seems like quite the badass.

I think the poses are the least exciting part of these releases. Those sword 'n board guys mostly seem like they're standing around.
I'm impressed they responded to you about that stuff, @Vaz. It seems in general that a decent amount of excitement and creativity goes into writing rules, but far less thought about how those rules effect gameplay over all.
Hows that different then the normal game workshop practice?
It isn't, but since he was talking about the FW team...

I imagine it's different writers, all equally bad at proodreading, editing, and understanding how they're changing the game.

I would instantly give Vaz more credit as a game designer, assuming he has no professional experience.
Something more in the FW bulletin today. Talk of an IF command set, with this sneak peek.
Okay, now we're talking. That looks awesome.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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