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They look nice. It's just a shame that the Imperial Fist players got screwed over with the pricing. Every other Legion got a separate sculpt for their unique unit. Imperial fist players have a £22 upgrade set they have to buy alongside a £23 unit. That means each of these units costs almost as much as a Primarch. Whereas the Emperors Children, as an example, pay only ~£45 for their unit of 5 terminators.

If I were an imperial fist player, I'd be pleased with the sculpts but raging about the price.

Yeah, but all those upgrade kits are for a 10 man squad and these only let you make 5. For Templars that's not much of a problem since the minimum squad size is 5, but when you have to spend almost £50 on your 5 man unit but the Emperor's Children only have to spend like £36 for 5 palatine blades and Word Bearer's have to pay about the same for Ashen Circle and Sons of Horus for Reavers, it does smart a bit.

Again, with the Warders, you have to pay almost £100 for their minimum squad size of 10, whereas Iron Hands only have to pay about £67 for 10 Immortals.

Plus, for me, it smacks of laziness/lack of care that every other unique unit gets a whole new sculpt but Imperial Fist players get a re-hash of existing sculpts.

It still doesn't change that they're pretty, I just would be pissed if I was an Imperial Fist player. On the other hand, maybe this is some kind of karmic justice for them having stupidly powerful Legiones Astartes rules and Sigismund having Eternal Warrior when the likes of Abaddon, Typhon, Kharn, Erebus, etc don't.
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Bah, it just ruins the whole "the Heresy is a dark and tumultuous time. Anything could happen and even Gods can fall!" Theme of the Heresy Era stuff for me when you've got this lone yahoo running around going "well it might be uncertain for you, but I'm eternal mother-fuckers!"
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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