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FW Jigsaw 2015!

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Someone suspected it might be the next Primarch or a special character. I hope for the former rather than the latter, but either way I'm excited. :) I thougth they had almost forgot to do this, this year.
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Hmmm. If it is a Primarch...I would have thought Corax would be killing a Gal Vorbak, Russ a Thousand Son and Magnus a Space Wolf. None of which that model looks like. I imagine Sanguinius will be in a much more dynamic pose.

So Alpharius or Dorn? I imagine Dorn having more of a Guilliman style pose, not in combat, seeing as he hasn't really been in any combat yet over the Heresy. Alpharius/Omegon? Again I don't see them in a combat pose.

Which leaves the Khan. Potentially, but hmmm dunno.
Ah yes, forgot about the Lion.

In any case I'm still going with non-primarch.
From not being able to see either of his arms, I'm assuming he's not got the whip, but both lightning claws.

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1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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