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FW Jigsaw 2015!

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Someone suspected it might be the next Primarch or a special character. I hope for the former rather than the latter, but either way I'm excited. :) I thougth they had almost forgot to do this, this year.
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I really hope he looks at least something like some of the artwork. Really pisses me off when there is a heap of great and inspiring art on a big character and the model comes out looking entirely different
Sevatar is a great example of this!
From not being able to see either of his arms, I'm assuming he's not got the whip, but both lightning claws.

The rules doesn't mention anything about a whip so that could be a clue? But sable-armour might?
I quite like the model honestly - But good luck transporting that guy! :good:
My thoughts exactly. Most Primarchs had had at least a little bit of worth for transport to games, but Corax will be impossible with all the thin details.

Not terrible but not great. The face does not look as intently angry as I'd like, the hair I would like to be in a tidier swish to make him look like he is going really fast not like the weak blow dryer effect seen. Also because he is famed for his lightning claws I would have liked to have him striking with one of the claws with the dainty almost sex toy looking pistol in the high port ready to bring to bare. The armour I actually would have like to see basically plain given the whole stealthy vibe the Raven Guard have going on
Not big on the pistol and I agree with someone who stated on facebook that the jump pack looks a bit too small, but I like how he turned out overall.
Aye the pistol is massively off for me.
Yeah I would have preferred only lightning claws but I think they did a great job otherwise. So far I've only been disappointed with Sevatar (who looked way to out-pimped for his character), Konrad Curze (he should have had proper lightning claws and not tiny puny knives) and Lorgar who lookes way too old.
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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