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Furyion's Imperial Guard WIP Log

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Hi guys! I'm starting to add on to my guard and I'm hoping that this will help me stay on track :)
I'm adding some vehicles and vet squads to allow me to run more mech oriented lists. I've set up a schedule to help me get everything done before the escalation league starts at my new LGS. I'll post it so that if I get distracted you guys can harass me :biggrin:

So here's the project.
I'm setting up the guard to be the household guards for my Imperial Knight house (House Crawford). The theme is "scottish" clan world with the Knight House being the ruling elite and the other clans having a specialty in combat. I've broken down the army into 4 clans each with heraldry and motto.
Crawford: Knight House aristocrats
Barclay: Highlander veterans
Kincaid: Light infantry platoons and field artillery
Kerr: Armor and flyers

Here is what I am adding on to the army

2x Leman Russ vanquishers/battle tanks
3x hellhounds
2x veterans squads
2x vendettas (converted from ww2 bomber kits)
a Marauder (also converted from a ww2 bomber kit)
2-4 earthshaker carriages

I have a lot of painting to do (I'm repainting everything I have too). We'll leave it at that :laugh: unfortunately winter in Illinois doesn't lend to spray painting so i either have to base everything by hand or do mass amounts of spraying when I get a good day, so that could be slow progress for a month or so.

I'll post pics of what the color scheme in just a bit and I'll also post the to-do list and due dates. This might take a while, but with your help I just may get it done.
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Here is the color scheme (I'm on tapatalk and its being stupid so I have to use an attachment, sorry)

But by friday of next week my goal is to have the russes assembled. I'll post pics when they're done :D


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Sorry I didn't have time to post pics on Friday, got called into work :/

Here are the russes with the vanquisher weapons, they are able to swap to battle tanks also.

As soon as I get a break in the weather I'm going to start painting so bear with me until then :D

My goal for next week is to have my 3 hellhounds assembled, but I managed some extra time off this week so I'm going to try and get one of the vendettas converted also. I'm going to order the parts for the highlander vets from Victoria miniatures this week as well. Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!


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