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Furious Charge into cover

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Played a game last night with a rather interesting interpretation of furious charge and assaulting into cover.

The basics of it were that if you assault into cover with frag grenades and FC then you strike before the guys in cover. Reasoning was that the frags meant you were striking at the same time but then FC gives you an initiative hike allowing you to strike first.

This seems a bit dubious to me, I thought you would only stike at the same time as the squad in cover.

Another use of FC that was run by me was that a model armed with a power fist strikes at initiative 2 on the charge again because of the hike due to FC.

Are either of these correct?
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Severian said:
rules state that models in cover strike @ initiative 10 and that frags bring your initiative up to strike at the same time. You cannot go above initiative 10 ferocious charge or not :?
Somebody is trying to pull a fast one here.

Powerfist always strike last no matter what (for infantry). The rulebook is very clear about this, no initiative bonus for the fist only the 1 extra strength after base strength has been doubled (usually 9 then)
Not last but at Initiative 1, pretty much the same thing but ya never know..............
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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