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Furious Charge and Special Weapons

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For a specific example, does Astorath's weapon benefit from the Furious Charge Strength bonus? I would initially say no, but there's already an exception to the rule with Power Fists, otherwise FC'ing PF would strike at S10, but they only apply the +1 after doubling the normal S value. So with Astorath, his weapon strikes at S6 +1 or is it like he himself goes up to S5, but it doesn't matter, since his sword is still the higher value?
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You do to Insta-kill a lot of things....

I would apply FC to them (Astorath, Hunting Lances, etc.) because it is a +1 bonus to S in combat. The weapons do not say that they are capped at the S indicated. It's one of the few nitpicky rules easter eggs that is disadvantageous...
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