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Furious Charge and Special Weapons

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For a specific example, does Astorath's weapon benefit from the Furious Charge Strength bonus? I would initially say no, but there's already an exception to the rule with Power Fists, otherwise FC'ing PF would strike at S10, but they only apply the +1 after doubling the normal S value. So with Astorath, his weapon strikes at S6 +1 or is it like he himself goes up to S5, but it doesn't matter, since his sword is still the higher value?
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Hm, now we have decisions going both ways... I mean, I'd love it to add +1 to the axe in this case, but I guess the wording makes it that the unit profile S goes up, but these weapons strike at their own S value, which is an exception to their profile.... :-\
Astorath strikes at strength 6. Seth will strike at strength 8. Corbulo will always strike at strength 5.

Furious Charge will not affect that, as they strike at fixed strength values.

Power fists/klaws/whatever don't have a fixed strength value, they double their wielder's strength, which can be modified by Furious Charge.
Thanks! :drinks:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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