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Looking for some C&C on a 1850 tourney list I'm working on using a Daemonic Incursion.

Infernal Tetrad-
Prince of Khorne: wings, Crimson crown, greater reward
Prince of Nurgle: wings, psyker lvl 2
Prince of Tzeentch: wings, psyker lvl 2, impossible robe, lesser reward
Prince of Slaanesh: wings, psyker lvl 3, greater reward for lash of despair

Murderhorde- (+1 attack for all models in formation)
Herald of Khorne with a loci of fury for all khornate models within 12" to have rage.
8 squads of 5 flesh hounds of Khorne (mind you they are now on 50mm bases)

Daemon flock-
5 Chaos Furies

Other than the Khornate prince, the princes are all on the ground and immediately switch to swooping. Khorne price remains gliding to run with the dogs. Herald deep strikes in by himself to provide the loci benefit. Dogs can run as a pack with some splitting off for objectives. With the formation bonus, the Crimson crown, and the loci the dogs have 6 Str 5 WS 5 attacks on the charge. Slaaneshi prince goes biomancy hopefully getting iron arm so he can pump himself to Str 10 making his lash 2d6 12" Str 10 AP- Rending for some unit deletion powers.

Where are the holes? What should I switch out?
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