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Some while ago, I found myself in the posession of the Generals Compendium, by far the greatest warhammer book out there (in my opinion). While it is quite old, early sixth edition i believe, it was written in the era that the hobby was more important than money. My eyes immediately fell upon the naval section, setting in motion my creativity, and inspiring me to build a navy.
Ah, the General's Compendium. One of the few books I bought in my brief dabbling in WHF, which I read and reread until the glue of the spine crumbled and the pages fell out constantly. That brings back memories, that does. The campaign rules, the boats, the siege expansions...

*sighs wistfully*

Excellent boats, here. Bending wood is a frustrating medium to work with, so I applaud how smooth and symmetrical those longboats turned out.
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