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Selling the following:

Dreadnought: Standard dread, BNIB: £20
5 SM terminators: Assembled with assault cannon and 3 chainfists, no primer: £15
2 legion of the damned blisters: BNIB. Both are the blister with the left handed running legionnaires: £8 each, or £15 for the two.
5 Space marine bikes + attack bike: Bikes assembled and primered. Bikers still on sprue, attack bike completely on sprue: £30 for the whole squadron
Red Scorpion Veteran shoulder pads: 1 set of FW Red scorpion power armoured shoulder pads, includes two sergeant Haas pads: £12
2 FW Landspeeder Tempest: Painted black and red, but can be easily stripped with Dettol. £20 each

After the following:

Forgeworld Imperial Eagle Rhino doors
Forgeworld Rhino spaced extra armour (2 sets)

Grey knight terminator arms (After the set with the elongated halberd arm, like I used in this previous conversion):

Converted arms

I'm looking to remake this conversion, I will also need a few more bits:

Plastic terminator torso (front and back)
Plastic running terminator legs (legs from normal terminator box?)
Black templar power armour robed front torso (preferably without the cross or the really long purity seal, so a plain robed front)
Terminator left arm (preferably sergeant power sword hand)

Also after the following:

Pedro Kantor

Thanks for reading
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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