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The pyrum-petrol melted holes in the solid adamantium… As an honour to his bravery in battle Septimus had received full terminator honours and Sergeant status. He also granted himself a few tweaks. His left shoulder pad had a protective shield to protect him from his deadly weapon and acted as a pauldron against close combat attacks. His new power sword hung across his back underneath his backpack banner flipping in the wind. His helmet stayed at his belt a lot but he always wore it in the heat of battle. His blonde hair stood out in the darkness.
Septimus was on private business with the 5th company chaplain. The one whose bloodthirsty demeanor had got him booked for heresy more than once by Inquisitors but he had been rescued by the chapter every time. The reclusiarch, Cosmosic was his name, had called Septimus to his office from there they had been transported via a local ice-chimera to a remote location, “Why did you insist on meeting so discreetly? Could we have not spoken in your office Brother-Chaplain Cosmosic?” Septimus inquired, and then Cosmosic’s true madness was shown.
“NO! They would listen. They are everywhere. Septimus, you must listen to me, it is coming, IT is coming! The gods shan’t be denied their prize… “ Cosmosic was laughing hysterically at the end.
“What treachery is this?! I had been told about you—“ Septimus fell as the chaplains carcass dropped onto him. Septimus snapped his helmet up and threw the chaplain to the side. He dug his boots into the ice and crawled double-time towards cover. He was pinned down and that was all that could save him. Bullets landed too close to him, spraying snow into his visor. His suitcamo activated and his armour blended into the snow. The bullets were still accurate; his hunter had more cunning than the average assassin.
He was almost at the pile of rocks, only a couple of yards left. Then a thought crossed his mind, isn’t this a little too convenient. A pile of rocks which I could easily have put there… The thought came too late though, Septimus barely had time to raise his Meltagun before bulky, armoured figures jumped onto him.
The pyrum-petrol melted holes in the solid adamantium. The chaos space marines screamed in pain as the deadly chemicals ate at their bodies. One of the clutched his half melted shoulder sank three bolts into Septimus’s chest with his bolt pistol. Septimus winced in extreme pain as the lethal bullets exploded inside him. The traitors were laughing now, hacking away at Septimus’s head with their swords and pistols. The lens on his bionic eye took a bullet and he lost half his vision. On his blind side something happened. He heard screams, dripping blood and a muffled explosion.
Septimus wearily turned his head. There was a scout; he carried a combat shield and a shotgun. A grenade pin was hung on his bare finger.
“You are brave young brother,” Septimus said weakly, “I will make sure you are recognized for it.” Septimus got up slowly and assisted by the small scout at his side they made it back to the Frost Angels HQ.

I find that the seeds of heresy are evident in this chapter, and those who still have faith are bound to break rules. The same scout who saved Sergeant Septimus's life was executed a year later for breaking an oath to secrecy. Apparently, he had... spilled information the chapter would have liked better to be kept secret, over 20, 000 imperial citizens were questioned. Three were killed.

I shall be watching this chapter very closely, for i worry they will stray from the path of the Righteous.

-Inquisitor Sinus Kasreston

Ummm... this is a campaign for games of inquisitor being played with 40k scale models (i know, im pretty cheap). I made a lot up but it was based around an Inquisitor game. Next one will be coming up shortly, i need to write a scenario.
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