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Heyo All!

As an old school returning player its great to see what a huge community has developed aound the Warhammer series. I stopped playing 40k back in 3rd edition and after much poking from friends have decided to return to the tables.
Previously my main army was Tryanids but seeing the new Blood Angel codex I dusted off my old marine army and once more returned to the Imperium. I have also played Black Legion (1st and 2nd ed), Dark Eldar (3rd ed) as well as a small dable in Guard.
Also have played a bit in almost every GW game system at one time or another my favourite being Blood Bowl and Battlefleet Gothic.
Starting a Beastmen force is also looking very tempting (damn you GW!).

Being an old school gamer (I have being playing games for about 27 years) I have turned my hand to most forms of gaming and willing to keep trying anything that crosses my table.

See you all on the Battlefield.
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