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Friendly Orcs vs Dark Eldar, 1000

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I'm getting back into 40k after a few years and thought I'd see if there was any advice to be had out here. I remember the forum from the last time I played, but not my log-in info. Ah well. I'm looking to try out the new (to me) orc codex against a Dark Eldar player I know who is new to the game. I know they have a lot of infantry, and I'd like to have a fun time, more than win.


Primary Detachment: CAD


HQ 1: Warboss (Warlord): 117
-'Eavy Armour
-Power Klaw
-Twin-Linked Shoota
-Da Finkin' Kao
-Attack Squig

HQ 2: Weirdboy: 70
-Mastery Level 2


Troops 1: 30 Boyz: 240
-3 Big Shootas
-Boss Nob with Big Choppa

Troops 2: 10 Gretchin: 35

Secondary Detachment: Great WAAAGH!


HQ 1: Big Mek: 109
-Big Bosspole
-'Eavy Armour
-Kustom Force Field

HQ 2: Painboy: 55
-Grot Orderly


Elite 1: 5 Kommandos & Snikrot: 170
-2 Burnas
-Power Fist


Troops 1: 10 Gretchin: 40
-Squig Hound

Troops 2: 10 Gretchin: 40
-Grot Prod

Army Total: 876

My plan as it stands is to give the big ol' mob of 30 boyz FNP and the KFF to survive getting shot up. When the survivors make it to melee, I'll try to pop Hammerhand before they hit. The gretchin will either deep strike or run ahead to try and tie some things up/give cover saves, with the kommandos starting close enough to the DE (we play on terrain-heavy boards, typically) that they can either burna some infantry or PK a vehicle before they go down.

I have 124 points left to fill, and no idea what to put in there. I own some bikers, more boyz and grots, some nobs, and a few deffkoptas, as well as a looted vehicle, if those are still a thing. Anyhow, that's the list so far. Critiques and advice welcome.

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It has been a while since I fought dark eldar but an all foot troop army can be dangerous. They can take a lot of weapons that are nasty like shredders that will tear ork boyz apart and then they probably have poison knives on all the troops so getting into hand to hand with them could also be bad. Lobbas are good at smashing them up. The looted wagon with a boom gun will also do some nasty stuff to the troops.

I think I would give the boss the lucky stikk instead of the Finkin Kap
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