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Alright, I have wholeheartedly decided that deathskulls/freebooter themed orks are pretty cool, and Ive been playing around with some lists that include units of those themes (because cheese is good, but I prefer fluffy). I've run into some problems with this particular list, mostly the use of my weirdboy. And because he is not actually somthing of the preebooter theme, I'm probably going to cut him. Anyways, here's the list as is, help me out, cause I'm open to all kinds of suggestions. I don't have me book in front of me, so I don't know the totals for my units, but I can make adjustments then when I have it.

Big Mek
Kustom force field, eavy armor and bosspole.

Lootas x 11

Wierdboy, warphead.

Shoota Boyz x 30, stikkbombs, nob with eavy arma, bosspole and powerklaw.

2 groups of slugga/choppa boyz, nob with powerklaw, eavy arma and bosspole and DTV's.

both Trukks have reinforced ram, red paint and boarding planks (for piratey action)

Looted wagon x2, boomguns, no other upgrades.

Flashgitz x6, painboy/1 grot orderly, more dakka (or whichever one makes the assault 2) and Captain Badruck.

I was running the weirdboy with the shoota boyz, and it's not that it doesn't sometimes go over well, it's just that he appears to be the only real liability of this list. I only run him though because I bought the model and let's face it, he's good for a wheeze. Anyways, help me out and be brutal, cause I want to make a freebooters list work if I can, and I'm willing to drastically change things if needed.

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If you want to try fun I would stick the weirdboy with the flash gitz. Haing badruk and the boyz appear in various spots all over the board can be interesting.

The heavy armor on the shoota boy nob is not needed.

3 kannons might work better than one looted wagon plus you don't have to worry about the "Don't press that rule" also more themed if you ask me.

I would try to get the flash gitz to 10 and the lootas to 15.

Might want to get the boyz up to 20 and put them in battlewagons.

I would also consider swapping the weirdboy for a big mek with a SAG. Still random but lots more distructive.
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