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So I'm I lucky boy I've just been given a whole load of tyranids still on the spures by my wife's friend ! (God knows how and why she had these)
Anyway I'm a blood angel / space wolves player so I've no idea !
I got
6 tyranid warriors
18 geansteelers
22 termagant
12 hormagaunt
2 carnifex
6 ripper swarms
10 spore mines

There all on the spures and all the upgrades there !
Basically I've a fair bit on at the mo with my blood angels but could I make something outa this ? maybe a 800-1000pts fun list or could anyone recommend a few new buys to help me make something good ?
My local lot mostly pay around 800-1000pts for fun so it maybe a refreshing change from power armour for me.
Thanks guys

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Free tyranids? Lucky... Let's take a look at what you got:

Codex Well, you need this, so its good that you got it.
6 tyranid warriors These guys arent used very much, due to their weakness to missile spam. Better off avoiding them. However, you can make a bunch of tyranid primes out of them, or if you really like these guys you could do a squad of 5 warriors led by a prime out front to suck up missiles. They're kind of slow, so keep em shooty.
18 geansteelers Genestealers got hit hard by 6th, with the new outflanking rules. My personal opinion is you should set aside 5-10 of these as ymgarl genestealers, which are loads better because they can move and assault after their special deployment.
22 termagant Even at 1000 points, you're going to need more of these guys. Depending on how much money you want to spend, either back them up with tervigons or run them without. Either way though you'll need some form of synapse to control them.
12 hormagaunt Hormagaunts are quite nasty if used properly. Despite the potential to get rage if they fail their instinctive behavior, its better to keep them in synapse to prevent falling back. You'll need more than 12 to do any damage though (seeing as they'll get shot to peices before they reach the opponents line). Keep em cheap, too. The combination of bounding leap + fleet means you'll pretty much get sixes on your run every time, so they are very fast. I'd recommend grabbing another box of these guys and running them as a squad of 20ish.
2 carnifex Unfortunately, carnifexes are not as good as they used to be. However, if I were to run these I would set them up as dakkafexes (meaning 2x TL brainleech devs). 2 things to keep in mind with these guys. 1, they're not as survivable as you think, so keep them in cover. 2, even in this shooty loadout, they will still destroy tanks in CC with their s9. Don't forget about that.
6 ripper swarms Honestly, these guys are not worth taking. Better off using them as themed objectives. They're just not good at all :/
10 spore mines think about picking up some biovores. they're pretty good for their cost.

Looking at this, this is the direction I would go: (this is all approximation, the exact point values could be way off)

"core" of 5 warriors, accompanied by a prime (shooty)
30-40 termigaunts with some sort of synapse back up (I would recommend a squad or two of zoanthropes)
5 ymgarl stealers (you want to keep this squad at lower numbers, that way they can all fit in whatever area terrain you deploy, and so they finish up combat in your opponents turn)
20ish hormagaunts
2 carnifexes, with TL brainleech devs
squad of biovores.

Again, this is just the set up I would go with. Its by no means tournament winning but it should give you some fun games. You also shouldnt have to purchase too much additional stuff, which is good. I hope this helps
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