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Spawn are great as they have a good toughness and plenty of wounds. Marking them as Nurgle costs a lot but can be worth it to stop those pesky instant deaths as well as make most units in melee need a 5+ or 6+ to wound you. All other marks are kinda a waste.
These guys also work great as an escort to a lord on a bike or juggernaut as they can shrug off a load of mass fire.
Only real probs with them is that they kinda rely on getting cover saves to stay in the fight.

Raptors I always find are a bit overcost for what they can do.

Bikes are great if they are running with a good char. They don't cost a huge amount of pts per model, but once again marking them up with nurgle gives them a great T6 unit with jink. So a 4+ cover save that if you can throw out a couple of walls and stuff to hide behind for extra cover give them a 2+ is fantastically good at getting these guys in.

Personal tactics though chaos who want to try something different is buy one of those fortification things with 1-2 void shield generators and 1-3 pipe lines. You buy the 2 voids and max out the shields, then buy the min 1 pipeline just because you have to (though if you use multiple FOC you could buy the Voids sepperately). Then just enjoy your 2 bubbles of 12" from the model of the gen that covers everything in 3 AV12 shields that can regenerate. This means that to take out your heavy stuff they will need to first burst 3 bubbles maybe 6 if they are overlapping before they can blow up any of your tanks or helbrutes. Also means they would have to piece those bubbles before they can start killing squishy cultists or marines as well.
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