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Spawn are ace.

I run them in every game. The fact they are beasts mean that they can stay in cover and move across the table in ways that will surprise many. I use them to target tanks.. They are S5 with a pile of attacks which means they should be able to pen a AV of 10. (which is especially good when the tank has a very high front and side Armour), and with MON they are very fun to run into Blob Squads of Gaurdsmen as they cannot even hurt it.

Raptors. I like them allot, I run mine without Melta-Guns and just give the squad MOK. I used them to Secure objectives (Jumping around gives better flexibility than bikes), and then assaulting non-dedicated CC troops. (Space Marine Devastators are a good choice). I never expect them to survive the game but they will secure me a few points and have a large threat range. The problem I see with the Melta guns is that you will want to put them close to Armour, and getting them stuck into CC is a good way to keep them alive. (as it reduces shooting attacks they take).
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