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My lists, when I create them, I feel pretty good and confident. But when it comes to fielding them, they do poorly, all lists are the same, the core components, Princes sometimes, terminators, lots of av12 walkers (mauler, forge, brute, ect.). So I've decided to change things up a bit. I lot the barebones of ripping eachother apart, Purge the alien. But Only way to truly win with my lists is to think outside my box im confined in.

First things first, Chaos Spawn!

The stats look solid-ish. I've never fielded them, never thought about it. But I've been thinking, why not? For fast attack I always took 2 Heldrakes with Baleflamers in a normal 1850. But I recently decided to ditch that idea and only use 1 to expand my options. The Spawn, by the looks of them, are not mad to be charging into combat and get shot down on turn 1, which happens to me. I was always not aggressive enough for 6th ed, but for 7th ed its too aggressive to where I should be on the defensive for a round or 2.
Anyway Chaos Spawn, when I field them in a objective game, I figured they should be hiding to where the opponent forgets about them and jumps out last turn or 2 and snag an objective. Or guard an Objective hopefully something within a 4+ cover ruins.
That's my thought, I figured in a 1850, taking a squad of 5(max) rounding about 150 pts, would be effective, or should I make it a unit of 3?
How do you guys field your spawn?

Next unit brings me to the Raptors, another new squad I've started to field. A 5 man squad with 2 meltaguns, can run out and pop tanks off the bat or deep strike and become a suicide squad. Or hide like the spawn and jump and snag objective last round. It all depends on the enemy or play style you feel like using. A 5 man squad with melta bombs and meltaguns would be about 120. But a squad of Chosen with 4 meltaguns with a Rhino becoming a 170 ( don't have codex on me ). Which would be more effective? The chosen seem like a good idea because it brings a Rhino for a little Cover or another target. But they gotta be within 6"-12" for the meltaguns to be any effect at all which makes me wonder. But add your comments below and let me know on what you guys think.

Last Unit or formation rather, I have to add is the Helcult Formation.
My 2 Powerfist Helbrute always gets shot down on first turn. So I figured using this formation, granting the Helbrute bonuses will help his survive. I unfortunately faced Imperial Guard so I can't really call that a test run. So Helcult Formation, would that be better still charging up behind some tanks and/or staying by an objective and guard the hell out of it? Or just simply hide like everything else and pop out on something close and assault?

Those are my thoughts, concerns, and questions.
Don't answer any of these questions/opinions if you've never fielding these units before. Something great on paper is never as great as it seems on the battlefield. So players with experience with these units can either give a thumps up or a thumps down.

I do realize tho that every list, especially the units above are all based on the opponent you play against. But in a tournament, you won't know who you're going to face, so a list that's solid for the most part is usually what I go for. But for now on, I'm going to base my list on the army I'm facing to help me improve my play style. I watch a couple hours of battle reports daily so tactics I'm pretty good on, back then I'd just take as much toys as I could and charge in. I've learned to play better and smarter than that. :eek:k:

But that's enough sidetracking, let the comments... BEGIN!

*Happy Wargaming to all*

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Spawn are great as they have a good toughness and plenty of wounds. Marking them as Nurgle costs a lot but can be worth it to stop those pesky instant deaths as well as make most units in melee need a 5+ or 6+ to wound you. All other marks are kinda a waste.
These guys also work great as an escort to a lord on a bike or juggernaut as they can shrug off a load of mass fire.
Only real probs with them is that they kinda rely on getting cover saves to stay in the fight.

Raptors I always find are a bit overcost for what they can do.

Bikes are great if they are running with a good char. They don't cost a huge amount of pts per model, but once again marking them up with nurgle gives them a great T6 unit with jink. So a 4+ cover save that if you can throw out a couple of walls and stuff to hide behind for extra cover give them a 2+ is fantastically good at getting these guys in.

Personal tactics though chaos who want to try something different is buy one of those fortification things with 1-2 void shield generators and 1-3 pipe lines. You buy the 2 voids and max out the shields, then buy the min 1 pipeline just because you have to (though if you use multiple FOC you could buy the Voids sepperately). Then just enjoy your 2 bubbles of 12" from the model of the gen that covers everything in 3 AV12 shields that can regenerate. This means that to take out your heavy stuff they will need to first burst 3 bubbles maybe 6 if they are overlapping before they can blow up any of your tanks or helbrutes. Also means they would have to piece those bubbles before they can start killing squishy cultists or marines as well.

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Spawn are ace.

I run them in every game. The fact they are beasts mean that they can stay in cover and move across the table in ways that will surprise many. I use them to target tanks.. They are S5 with a pile of attacks which means they should be able to pen a AV of 10. (which is especially good when the tank has a very high front and side Armour), and with MON they are very fun to run into Blob Squads of Gaurdsmen as they cannot even hurt it.

Raptors. I like them allot, I run mine without Melta-Guns and just give the squad MOK. I used them to Secure objectives (Jumping around gives better flexibility than bikes), and then assaulting non-dedicated CC troops. (Space Marine Devastators are a good choice). I never expect them to survive the game but they will secure me a few points and have a large threat range. The problem I see with the Melta guns is that you will want to put them close to Armour, and getting them stuck into CC is a good way to keep them alive. (as it reduces shooting attacks they take).
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