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Hi, I'm new to warhammer 40k and I need something cleared up which i'm very confused about.

I'm currently building a Grey Knights army however I'm not sure on the limitations on the number of units I can legally take in each subsection of my codex (HQ, Troops, Elites, etc,etc) I am aware there is a formation specific to the Grey Knights which clearly states what and how many units I can take from my codex, however if i do not wish to follow that formations what then? Is there a "default" limit on the number of units you are able to take from each section of a codex which is enforced to every army in 40k?

For example, If i wish to take 3 Dreadknights, I cannot use the nemesis strike force formation bonuses in the Grey Knights codex as I can only take 2 heavy support units.
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