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Forgeworld Reducing Empire Stock

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Well it appears they are reducing the stock for Empire, I only checked a couple of days ago and looked now and you can no longer get big bundles and the command squad for the ironside handgunners is no longer available.
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shame, I never had much interested in forge worlds Empire stuff (even if I did empire I'd convert them to look morel like they came from Rise of Legend) but they had some nice looking models there.
I think (if the chaos dwarfs are not doing well) there problem was you could not really use the models for anything but Chaos dwarfs.

You can argue about the legality of the Death Korp of Kreig army list until the planet explodes, but no one is going to bat an eye if you brought out the models but with a standard Guard codex. Choas Dwarfs though can't be used for anything but chaos dwarfs without it being strange. Proxy them as warriors and you have to find a new home for the blunderbusters, use Dwarf dex and you find a lot of chaos stars in a good army.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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