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Just got this :)

"Hi there,

In the first of our Games Day preview newsletters, we’ve added another video to our YouTube channel in which we reveal more about the fantastic and hotly anticipated first book in our Horus Heresy series…

The Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal

More details are emerging about this hotly-anticipated book.
The Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal will be on sale for the very first time, in limited numbers, at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September.
Lavishly decorated, this book is leather-bound with inlaid metal detailing and foil-blocked page edging, and also features metal cleats to the corners of the book’s casing impressed with the Imperial Aquila.

It is a stand-alone supplement for Warhammer 40,000 and contains a vast array of colour profiles, maps and artwork. Also included is a full Space Marine Legion army list and background, histories, character profiles and special rules for the Death Guard, Sons of Horus, World Eaters and Emperor’s Children Legions."
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