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Forgefiend Autocannons or Ectoplasma

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So i am gonna be getting a Forgefiend soon and i cant decide if i want to attempt to magnetize the model that way i can swap things out or if i want to just set it up and leave it that way. All of my models to date are not magnetized as i well havent quite got up the nerve to try and do it. Part of me wishes that i could have an ectoplasma cannon and a hades autocannon (and yes i know i can take the head option but i want the head to stay a head not a gun) so which do you guys think is better, if you only had to pick one of the options?
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I would always go with magnetizing the model. The reason for it is simple; What looks good on paper might not be the best when you actually use it in game.

Besides in this case, I could find a use for both setups - It depends what you want to use the forgefiend for and what you want to accomplish. If you magentize it you can experiment and find your best setup - If you glue it, you only got that one option and have to make it work.

Flexibility always trumphs in the end :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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