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Forgefiend Autocannons or Ectoplasma

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So i am gonna be getting a Forgefiend soon and i cant decide if i want to attempt to magnetize the model that way i can swap things out or if i want to just set it up and leave it that way. All of my models to date are not magnetized as i well havent quite got up the nerve to try and do it. Part of me wishes that i could have an ectoplasma cannon and a hades autocannon (and yes i know i can take the head option but i want the head to stay a head not a gun) so which do you guys think is better, if you only had to pick one of the options?
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well, i've found out that, when i play a forgefiend, if something gets in 24" range its often too late. They have worked good for me, but only as a long range support. having to rely on a 24" weapon is not the best way to use them, imo. they die too easily, and are pretty much useless (if opponents is wise) for the first two turns. slow, short range, easily disabled (AV12, c'mon...) i try to use them from the first shooting phase to get back my points. Shure AP 2 is great, but if you are so needy of AP2 go Obliterators. My two cents.
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