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While I usually like your work I must be truthful and say that I'm not too fond of this. I hope you don't mind, you must be proud of your work and put it up here for others to see.

I like the modified CSM backpack and the extra light details on the front wheel, oh and your interpretation of the conversion beamer is a nice idea. The painting is done nicely as usual - I think his eye looks a little too wide but eyes are hard to do. I do think he looks a bit right sided what with the hammer and beamer on the same side. Maybe the conversion beamer mounted as an attack bike or a raised rear weapon mount wouldn't have taken away from the hammer.

I'd also like to see drilled gun barrels and maybe the seam on the front wheel filled in with gs for finishing touches. I usually am not this critical of peoples' work (I am pretty rubbish in comparison to many) but I figure you would appreciate honesty and constructive criticism. I joined this to learn from others and share ideas.
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