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Do you own any force world? If not why and if yes what?

Grand Lord Munchkin
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Never heard of force world. Does it have Jedi? Lol no, it is to expensive for a university budget. That, and I don't feel as though I am a good enough painter to do the models justice.

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Rhino Doors:
1x Thousandsons
1x World Eaters
1x Emporers Children
2x Death Guard (got 1 free)
2x Dark Angels

Conversion kits:
2x Death Guard (got 1 free)
1x World Eaters

Death Guard Dreadnought
khorne Daemonpince

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Currently I own one revenant titan and one phoenix bomber, both half made and on hold until I get some scenery made.

I intend to buy at least one Hornet and likely 2 Lynx over the next few years, also eying up the Phantom titan - it all depends on how my career progresses and how much spare household cash I have.

Every player should get at least one piece of FW in my opinion, they are the pinacle of GWs models and really make a good army centrepiece, that said I can see how the financial constraints would be a stopper to most people (including me)

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They have a lot of stuff i like, but nothing that's ever made me need it.

Saying that, I'm extremely tempted by the Land Raider Achilles they previewed at GD.

I still don't have a landraider, and if i'm going to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on a plastic tank I may as well do it properly :biggrin:

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I've always wanted to buy a titan, some unique vehicles and some of their terrain pieces. I've lined up a few of their terrain pieces that would make for an EPIC battle, over something looking like a futuristic space station or base of some sort.

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I Have:

MegaDread Rippa Klaw Arm
MegaDread Kil Saw Arm
MegaDread Kil Kannon Arm

Space Marines/Blood Angels:
Blood Angels Rhino Doors,
Blood Angels Land Raider Doors,
Blood Angels Etched Brass Symbols,
2x Blood Talons (Forgeworld DCCW)
Dread Missile Launcher,
Dread Assault Cannon,

Edit: Forgot About these: Imperial Armor 1-7

Looking to get a few LiftaDroppa BattleWagons as soon as, also the SupaKannon Variant too.
Titans Are Secondary to me, Not particularily bothered but it would be nice.


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I HAD culln and a mortis dreadnought, a few sets of rhino extra armour, tank commissar, chimera commander, 2 squads of death korp and purity seals, but they've all gone since then

I HAVE a Malcador thats had very little done to it, kinda wish I hadn't bought it, as I have no use for it as it stands now, so I'm stuck with that, a downed Valkerie, abandoned chimera, COL stranski red scorpion vanguard squad and a dreadnought siege drill somewhere.

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i have the dark angels dreadnought set up as a heavy bolter mortis pattern dreadnought (magnetised the arms and have a plasma arm and assault drill arm aswell) and dark angel landraider doors, want mkIIB landraider and thunderhawk, also like the look of the caestus assault ram, damocles command rhino and the aquila lander (need to convince the missus why its important for me to have these for my army though :p

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Forgeworld is the reason why i don't have a full 2000 point army yet. I can't afford to buy many minis, what with getting all the stupid upgrade packs. My kitted out rhino in the end costing more than a land raider in a GW shop.

I can't justify sinking that much money into one model in one go so i've decided to "pace myself" with the spending. Yes, out of boredom i may have already got started in anticipation:

My tally so far is:
-extra rhino armour
-Crimson Fist rhino doors
-extra land raider armour
-Crimson Fist land raider doors
-autocannon arms x 2 for dreadnought
-Crimson Fist vehicle iconography

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I have

40k scale:
Night Lord Rhino Doors
Thousand Son Dreadnought
Rhino extra armour
Culln in terminator armour
3 x conqueror
2 x executioner
Destroyer tank hunter
heavy mortar
death korp of kreig squad
cadian command squad
deathguard power armour and terminator torsos
elyssian weapon pack
One of the big ruined buildings
basilisk emplacement
Power lifter sentinel
Several chimera turrets
lightning fighter

Epic scale
assorted tau infantry
storm blade company
Assorted chaos aircraft

probably some other stuff I have forgotten about

I like forgeworld stuff

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I own a Black Legion dreadnought; Painted in World Eaters colours.

I got it off eBay for cheap; But Clearly I'm a World Eaters psycho (As everyone in the world probably knows), so I just painted it up.

Does that count? :3

CO 3rd Thoth ACR
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I've bought quite a few FW Models for my IG Desert Raiders army. I like them for their details and the fact the everybody, their brother & their brothers dog doesn't use them. It's help me stick with my guard since they've become overly popular.

Let see I have:

9-Modified Ryza Pattern Leman Russ Turrets: 2 Standards, 2 Vanquishers, 2Exterminators, 1 Executioner, 1 Annihilator & 1 Demolisher (converted to an Eradicator)

9-Chimera Turrets: 6 Autocannon, 3 T.L. Heavy Bolter


3-Salamander Scout Tanks

1-Arkurion-pattern Stormblade

4-Tallarn Heavy Weapon Squad: 3 Autocannons, 1 Las-cannon

1-Tallarn Tank Commander

On the to get list is a couple Gorgons & some Macharius'.

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I love FW stuff and if I could justify the cost would go mad for it.

I have very little though....

Tallarn IG, snipers and HB teams.
Plague Marine conversion pack.
Exterminator turret.
Ork Glyphs.
Brass etched Aquila sheet.
Alpha Legion Raider doors.

Wishlist items are.

Ork Nob Bikers.
Warboss on Bike.
Grot riggers pack.
Too much of the Chaos stuff to list. :)

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SM - related FW stuff

Pre Heresy Armour Varients - 3 sets
SW Pack
Character upgrade Pack
Raven Guard upgrade set
Chapter Shoulder Pads - 1 set of everything they make

IG related FW stuff

30+ Modified Ryza Pattern Russ Turrets/Engine Filter kits
2 Chimera AC Turrets
20 assorted vehicles - Hydras/Manticores/Bombards/DTH/VTH/Minotaur etc
1 Vulture
2 Vendetta upgrade kits

I like the detail that you get with FW..e.g. Torso/Shoulder Pad upgrades for Termis make them pop.
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