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Flyers with Bombs are good. In Apocalypse, I always take the Disengage and Rearm Asset. I generally only use two flyers (the two Marauders), as the others I find lacking in hitting power.

If I use the Bomber, I can put out 36 Bombs, using the Apocalypse Template during a battle, but not much else (2 TL HB's and a TL Lascannon isn't much). I much prefer the Destroyer - only 12 bombs (using Rearm), but it can also put out a decent amount of anti-heavy infantry firepower with it's TL Assault Cannon (TL+Rending is always good), and 3 TL Autocannons). It has a TL HB and 8 Hellstrike Missiles if that isn't enough either.

Personally - go though go for the Valk/vendetta+Veterans. you can always use them in a Guard Army, and are always effective. If you're set on Aircraft though, the Vulture is extremely decent for it's cost with TL Punishers or 2x Rocket Launchers, and can go in an Elysian list.

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