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I was looking over my long-term plan for my collection... I was playing around with starting a Tyranid army, but I think that I might just build on my Word Bearers Chaos army. Part of the long-term plan was to add air support. I would like to add a Hell Talon from Forge World.

With this in mind, I would like to ask the forum members if anybody has played with air support in a game and also if anybody has bought the Hell Talon.

I guess I am really looking for input as to whether or not getting a Hell Talon will be a big waste of money. It is an impressive looking model and would be fun to paint and can be fielded as a heavy in a CSM army... But if it is useless on a battlefield then it becomes a shelf warmer. A expensive one at that.

I was also considering adding a platoon of Renegades in a Valkyrie. That might be a better allocation of cash. This is why i am looking for input.

I'd appreciate any and all input...

Well Its a great model no doubt! Now on the battlefield its decent. I do think its situational thought its not great ALL the time. I mean I have seen it used in games and If I played apocalypse I would get a couple of them.

But its just the same as every other unit in this game if you put it against something that is the idea counter unit well its going to fail lol.

So its really up to you what you want to do at the end of the day.

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