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Forever evading close combat with fast movement?

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So recently and friend and I had a bloody battle, and at the end he basically had a somewhat large unit of infantry left, and I had a flying monster (daemon prince).

I'll attach a (poorly drawn) image to explain the issue.

So basically, I just moved to his flank and blasted him with magic templates. On his turn he couldn't charge be because I was out of the FoV. Rinse, latter, repeat.

Afterwards I've started wondering if this was really allowed. It just feels so cheesy. I've been trying to disprove myself, but it just seems that the only way to enter close combat is through charging, and that while charging allows a free 90 degree turn it still needs to be directed at something in your forward arc.

What am I missing?
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Thank you.
I must say that the inability to walk into close combat is one of the strangest phenomena of the rules. I just can't visualise it.

I think that's something we will probably house rule later, my opponent has multiple times been in a spot where he could just walk straight up to me only to hear "No no, you can only charge into battle". Makes little sense.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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