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For the Glory of the Blood God!

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Now that I have your attention!


I registered to this forum because you all seem like a nice bunch and would like to learn as much as possible about the hobby.

I live in Essex, UK and I am building a Full Khorne Chaos Daemons Army.

I have a Ork army back home. I just wanted to do something diferent but still CC orientated.

Ill be posting my army lists and questions in the future so I hope I am in good hands!

Cya all around!
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Thannx for the wellcome!

I will give the tutorials and fluff sections a world :D

Demonic Scum Good old Sang is going to have to Break some bloodthirster Back again it seems!

Anyhow welcome and Enjoy being banished back to the warp you foul Daemon!
I will have to drink your spinal fluids for that offense to the bringer of wrath!
welcome, I take it your a 40k player by the spelling of Orks? as another Khornate player (in fantasy anyway) I welcome you
Now that I read my post its true I do not specify what I play, yes its 40k.

Had a lot of success with my boyz back in Spain. Lets see how I fare with the Deep Striking Daemons!

Im allways up for some tips so if anyone has knowlege they like to share I am all ears!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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