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Hey, been awhile since I've posted on this forum. But I'm trying to sell some stuff and figured this would be one of the best places to find a targeted audience.

I'm avoiding Ebay right now for personal reasons... pretty much, they're screwing me over big time.

Prices do not include shipping. I am willing to negotiate.

Here is what I currently have for sell:
Dark Angels Captain with Combiplasma $80
Space Crusade Chaos Space Marine $6
Vindicator $30
Space Crusade Dreadnought with ML and TL Lascannon $25
Chaos Star from Gamer's Edition bag $15
Adeptus Arbites squad $50
Imperial Guard Psyker $6
Terminator Chaplain $10
Inquisitor $6
OOP Terminators $8 (for both)

Link to album with pics

I could be willing to work out a deal involving a bit of a trade as well. I'm currently in need of:

City of Death floor panels (the 3 1/2 square ones)
A Shrine of the Aquilla floor panel (the 4 square one)
Baal Predator gunner torso's
Baal Predator, or regular Pred, turret
Land Speeder... full, unused kit

For quicker response, send me a Facebook message. But I will check this thread and messages here.

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IS the stuff still for sell, because i'll buy some parts
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