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For sale: Sisters of batle (army but can split) (now with link for pics)

Hi peeps
due to lack of cash, and too many bloody bills, im have to sell off some 40K stuff.
I have a SOB force up for sale, which i can sell either as a whole lot, or if need i can split in to units, heres what i have (pics will be added later)
Cannoness with combie melta and celestine retinue with vet surpiour, heavy flamer and stormbolter, with imageifer.(painted, heavy flamer needs to be finished)
1 Cannoness with inferno pistol and scoll (90% finished)
1x sob squad of 10 with vet sup, heavy flamer, stormbolter and banner (fully painted) sale pending
1x sob squad of 10 with vet supiour, 2x meltas (1 conversion) and part painted rhino (using immolator parts) part painted)
1X sob squad of 10 with vet surpiour, 1x heavy flamer and rhino (stadard rhino, was origionaly a BT rhino, symbols have been changed to remove the bt cross). (part painted)
1x Seraphim squad of 5, with vet and 1 TW hand flamers (painted)
1X dominion squad of 5, with vet and 4X flamers (part ppainted)
1x retributor squad with vet and 4X heavy bolters (50% painted) sale pending
1ximmolator, 90% built, undercoated, turret to be finished
1x exocist conversion, launcher mader from the MRP's from the valkyrie kit, mounted on a turret for a 360 degree rotation (undercoated)

other bits:
4x seraphim(includes 1 vet and hand flamers)(should be 5, see if i can find the missing one)
2X multi meltas (painted)
1x heavybolter(undercoated)
3x banner bearers (painted but can be stripped)
5X sisters unpainted, but no packs or base's
1 St. Celestine part painted but sword is missing.
right i think thats the lot
if intrested, shout me asap with good offers, either for the whole lot, or units you want.
UK only im affraid guys, and am only after cash at this time.
pics can be seen here

cheers for looking

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bit of a bump, jsut worked out theres £450 worth of modles in the army if you buy new from GW, so am looking at about £250 or ONO plus it be about £20 P&P
so any takers as these must go (damm evil bills take all the fun out of life)
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