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Hey guys.

Well after making about 3000pts or so of Iron Lords, i've come to realise they are just sitting around and I have no time at all to play games with them. So they are going up for sale.

You can see everything to do with them in my Project Log as I have a ton of photos. Obviously some bits and peices from the log have been moved onto different things, but listed below is what comes with the army.

1 x Epistolary Librarian (rides with Sternguard)
1 x Chaplain with jump pack
3 x 10 man tactical squads in Rhinos
1 x 9 man sternguard squad in Rhino (Rhino has FW eagle doors and extra armour)
1 x 10 man assault squad
2 x 10 man devastator squads
1 x 5 man terminator assault squad
1 x 5 man terminator squad
1 x Vindicator
1 x Predator Destructor (FW extra armour)
1 x Land Raider Prometheus
2 x Land Speeder Tempests (1 more has no cockpit hatch, but can go with them).

I think thats everything. Pictures of them are all in the log.

This army has a number of ltd edition models including the 2005 GD Sergeant and the mail order only sergeant (both are tactical sergeants), aswell as other sergeant models no longer made by GW.

Everything comes in a KR-cardboard case. I had a custom sheet of chapter decals printed with them, so they are obviously coming with them if someone wants to add to these guys.

As for price, I really don't know what they are worth. I will consider all sensible offers.

Thanks for reading.
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