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I'm trying to free up some cash for christmas, lots of pressies to buy

Baneblade, as new boxed all on sprue never opened £45 Make great present

gw Figure case Great condition virtually as new £20

Loads of used paints[43] all have some paint in and are not dried out. Got megapaintset last year so these were all no longer needed £35

All prices inc postage to uk, if anywhere else contact and we'll see what we can arrange

Also have 20 or so necron warriors. half as new assembled, half badly painted £12 which is worth it for the new ones.

Eldar waveserpents with forgeworld turrets, 1 brightlances 1 starcannons made from falcons, partially painted to reasonable standard. £15 each or £25 for both

Eldar falcon quite well painted with starcannon, £20

Predator with Lascannon, heavybolters painted base coat, half red half blue. very thin coat so can easy spray over or strip if wanted. £20

Bound to be more to add so keep checking for updates. Will be going on ebay if no interest so drop me a line guys.

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For the paints there are 43 consisting of
Chaos black
2 bloodred
vermin fur
Mithril silver x3
skull white
ruby red
sunburst yellow
emerald green
purple wash
bestial brown x2
bleached bone x2
spacewolves grey
enchanted blue x2
gory red
blue ink
scaley green
Scorpian green
Matte Varnish
intense blue[vallejo]
red gore x2
Catachan green
Goblin green
Snot green
snakebite leather
Bronzed flesh x2
Graveyard earth
boltgun metal
Vallejo flat red
burnished gold
putrid green
flesh wash x3
Dwarf flesh
Chesnut ink
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