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Name: Joseph 'Joe' Davis

Age: 22

Personality: Joseph is a very jovial person who is respectful due to his upbringing, but has a tendency to speak his mind. He wears some emotions plainly, and can carry a grudge.

Background: Joseph was born on Earth. At the age of 3 his parents were killed in a car accident. The only family member he had left was an uncle in the UNSC. His upbringing was modeled after this. There were strict rules, and severe punishments. In school he was not exceptional, but always managed to do well. At the urging of his uncle, Joseph enlisted at the age of 19. His original goal was to join the armored cavalry. His first assignment was as a mechanic after boot. It was during his first year that an operator error during an exercise left him with a large burn on his left side and several scars from shrapnel after a vehicle under his care caught fire and exploded. During his second year a major black mark was left on his record after an incident with a low ranking officer became physical. While it should have left him with a discharge Joseph's uncle stepped in. Instead of being discharged Joseph was given the option of finishing his enlistment elsewhere, and returning for evaluation if he wished to continue. After agreeing he was informed that his wish to be part of the armored forces was denied. He was quickly, and quietly, bussed back down to being a private and sent to Reach.

Joseph still works a mechanic whenever he is able. Additionally he has been training in anit-armor combat, but has yet to receive his certification.

Weapons: Reach pattern MA5B Assault Rifle, M90 Tactical Shotgun, 2 Frag grenades, and combat knife

Equipment: Gartner Pattern Flak vest

I've got to warn you, I'm kind of new to this. Also I can't guarantee that I can post every day, as work sometimes keeps me from being able to get online. Thanks for the consideration.

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