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Name: Sarah "Sass" Berest

Rank: Private First Class

Age: 24

Personality: Sarah is a very outspoken individual, always answering back to her superiors and generally being cheeky and cheerful. She is loyal CO however and will follow their orders even though she is a smartass. She is easy to befriend, if you don't mind having the fun taken about you. When she has to recon or in a firefight she gets deadly serious, hardly talking due to her role as a scout.

Appearance: Sarah stands at around 5"9, shorter then most of her fellow troopers. She isn't physically big either, making her perfect for reconnaissance missions and acting as a scout for the platoon. She has shortly cut blonde hair and ice blue eyes, as pure as the beautiful terrain of Reach. Her uniform is normally cleanly pressed and kept in perfect condition, but with the Covenant assault on Reach her standards have dropped.

Background: Sarah was born on the Reach, the very planet that she would soon be protecting with her life. She grew up in a fairly average household in the city of Manassas, one of the three largest cities on the planet. Her father was a Career soldier, enlisted in the marine corps when he was young and rose through the ranks to that of a Gunnery Sergeant. Her mother was a nurse at one of the cities main hospitals. At the young age of five her mother developed lung cancer and died, and her father took a desk job, enlisting new potential for the marines, so he could be near his daughter.

As such she grew up around the military, and when she was old enough she enlisted in the corps, following in her fathers footsteps. She passed through basic training with no problems, before being dispatched on Operation TREBUCHET. She saw extensive action against the "innies" before the Human-Covenant war began. She was thrust into several major conflicts with the covenant and was one of the few survivors of the battle of Sigmas Octanus IV. Due to her life being saved by the Spartans she has a grudging respect for them. She suffered minor burns and was sent back to Reach to recover. Not long after she was released from the hospital the Covenant fleet arrived. She now serves in 2nd squad under Sergeant Vern Vasquez.

Weapons: Primary weapon is the MA5B assault rifle. Secondary weapon is the BR55 Battle Rifle, 2 fragmentation grenades and a combat knife.

Equipment: Mk6A Helmet, combat armour (not special Gartner armour, just basic stuff.)
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