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I'll get right into it! Strike squads are not what they used to be, and psycannons on power armoured GK are definitely not what they used to be. I would change to 10 man strike squad to a 10 man intercepter squad with incinerators instead, and with only 1 attack each i would not bother upgrading the close combat weapon and melta bomb. This leaves you with a superfast anti-infantry squad.

I like the terminators. They are our new go to troops choice with their new cheap price tag. Put psycannons on terminators as they get to most out of the new salvo rule on the psycannon. I would shave of a hammer from the smaller squad to upgrade the incinerator to a psycannon and maybe swap 2 of the remaining hammers to the bigger squad in exchange for some halberds. This leaves them more balanced. Furthermore, if you combat squad the bigger squad you will have 3 comparable squads for some target saturation.

I would change to dreadknight psilencers to heavy incinerators for higher strength and template goodness. Lastly i would give them a greatsword instead of the dual fists. It will still be at strength ten and get the extra attack, but now the dreadknights will strike at initiative, be force weapons and have mastercrafted.

These changes keep the same number of models and the points costs will be the same.

- D
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