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So I've been planning for a grey Knights army for a while now and need a break from painting RED
I haven't purchased and models yet as I wanna get it right first and not waste money.
So we would play between 1000-2000 pts so I'm going in the middle at 1500pts and growing from there.
Please take a look and all help is welcome.

TOTAL 1499pts

HQ 155pts
Libby-soul glaive, mastery level 3

Troops 894pts
10 man strike squad, all helbards, 2 psycannon, melta bomb
10 man terminator squad, all halberds, 2 psycannon, melta bomb
5 man terminator squad , All daemon hammers, 1 incinerator, melta bomb

Heavy support 450pts
2 nemesis dredknights, 2 power fist, heavy psycannon, Gatling psilencer, personal teleporter

So not many models but sure we knew that was going to happen,
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