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Hello everybody ,
And here is that I migrated here to you ask advice
I have notice that I had problems to create optimized and/or effective lists for my armies and that after the second turn of game I had lost 80 % of my troops.
Then you whom would make you with figurines below (it is all what I have in stock) to face TAU/Necron that is aggressive

- HQ
1x Hive tyrant
1x winged Hive tyrant

- Elit
1x Tervigon
1x Trygon
3x Zoanthrop

- Troops
7x tyranid warriors
1x tyranid warrior prim
38x genestealers
13x swarms
43x termagant
30x hormagaunt

1x Harpy/Hive crone (It is the same figurine/model which acts as Hive Crone or of Harpy)

Heavy Support
1x Carnifex
1x Tyrannofex

I look forward to reading your list and advise :grin:

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Looks like you're using an old codex.

Tyranid Prime's are HQ choices.
Trygons are Heavy

however I'd make these changes
both Tyrants should be flying - and should also have the 2x TL Brainleech Devourers (it's the current meta, but it is incredibly effective)
Your Carnifex could also have these weapons as well - I just think the volume of shots helps and then you can use the MC smash rules to deal with armor. Hive Crones also help with armor (Raking Strike and Haywire Missiles)

Also adding in a few Venomthropes will really help your troops survivability - giving them a 5+ cover in the open (very helpful when you consider their weak armor)

Genestealers are scary en masse but otherwise not outstanding.

Consider these changes and you might fair better.

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Thank you for your advise(recommend)
I am going to try to put it works there apparently tyranid does not seem to be any more terrible aliens exterminators than they were in past
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