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I play Thousand Sons as my current army. They are expensive to field and as said require A LOT of help with transportation. My full army (maxed out FoC) only contains 2 actual Thousand Sons squads, and they are both Rhino mounted. The rest Troops choices consists of regular CSM's. My explanation is that they are simply the Thousand Sons who were on the fleet ships when the Space Wolves attacked Prospero, so they weren't presesnt when Ahriman cast the Rubric spell.....BOOM. You got yourself non Rubric Thousand Sons. To model them, I got 1 Thousand Sons squad and spread the bitz through 2 10 man CSM squads. Yes, you need to go to 10.

The rest are squads equipped with IoT. I stayed away from Assualt oriented models including Raptors. Lots o tanks though!:grin:
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