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Expensive models.
Sorcerer probably wants to get close, so he can melt some face.
They may have a 4+ Invulnerable save, but they fall just as easily to light arms fire.

A classic 9 man (sorcerer included) squad with Doombolt and Rhino is almost 300 points and they certainly don't live up to the expectations you'd have towards a 300 point unit.
The Sorcerer really needs to take either BoC so the Sons won't shit themselves when something beyond T5 comes at them; WoC so they can dish out some more hurt in close range (surprise Rhino anyone?); or GoC so if they get locked in combat with something the Sorcerer can use his two castings to try and turn people to Spawns (especially when they're attacked by Assault Terminators; my lads held them up for 3 turns till they died, and of course, killed none of the Terminators :p). And then the unit cost WILL hit 300, which is pretty bad.
In the eyes of everything thats not AP3 or lower or power weapons, they're simple marines. And thus they suck balls when 1, get shot at by massed bolter/lasgun fire 2, get into close combat.

I think you'd be better off with blue CSM with two meltas and a rhino (you don't need a PF because if theres something that dares assault these guys they're fucked anyway), and of course, spam these guys. Just don't give them IoT because its the saddest icon you can give them.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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